Transforming Math with Engagement

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Grades K - 6 now available on laptops and chromebooks — iPad/Mobile coming soon

Keep students engaged and quickly identify and address gaps in learning.


Thousands of math practice items and instructional videos


Meaningful screen-time for reinforcement, intervention, and more


Full access to fun in-game rewards to cater to short attention spans


Full access to teacher platform with easy-to-use reports

Transforming Math with Engagement

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I am a teacher of special needs kindergarten students. My district showed us Boddle as an option to use for asynchronous learning while we teach our students remotely. My students ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love it because I can track their skills and progress. It takes the data for me, which is half the battle! LOL

Christine, Crete, IL

All of my students are on the spectrum, so I am very cautious with selecting educational gaming for them.  If they get frustrated with the process, it is a complete shut-down on their side, in most cases.   With that said, I LOVE BODDLE!!

Nicole, Land O'Lakes, FL

Teacher portal that saves you time in creating, grading and analyzing assessments

With Boddle, you get access to a secure portal where you can easily share student game log-ins with students and parents, view your students' progress, create assignments, and know the exact math skills they need help on. The portal also includes additional tools like live monitoring to  help support remote learning.


Increased confidence in math and the ability to conquer learning gaps

Boddle tailors learning to each student’s level. The platform helps quickly identify learning gaps and focuses practice to address those math skills.

Interactive Gameplay that boosts engagement

Each player gets a customizable Boddle character whose head fills up as they begin to master math skills. Each question is followed by a mini animation, and after a three-correct-answer streak, kids get to play a short timed mini-game. Like a mini brain break.


K-6 Math content created by educators for educators

Our math content includes thousands of math questions, a growing library of instructional videos, text-to-speech, and more, created by passionate educators.

Support Students When They Need It

Easily track student progress and focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Boddle provides progress and usage reports to keep you in the know with just a few clicks.