ISTE18 Day 2: Monday, June 25

ISTE18 Day 2 (Sunday, June 25)

On Day 2, we checked out the games and virtual environment playground, discussed blended learning in classrooms, played with some cool technology, learned about creating engaging e-learning designs, and capped it off with a blast at the ISTE18 Game Night.

Ready, Player 101: Imagining, Creating, and Sharing Worlds in Digital Reality

The Ready, Player 101 Playground event showcased a handful of fun and interactive ways to use immersive technology and game mechanics to help enhance learning.

For example:

Merge Cube

What is it?
Merge cube allows students to interact with an AR experience through a cube— which could be printed on paper as well. Each side of the cube will trigger a new feature and experience on the screen. Each experience displays a virtual object (such as earth or the sun) that includes descriptions and notes about it.


What is it?
A mobile game that teaches students about biomes and ecosystems. Students are able to learn about each aspect of an ecosystem and the roles they play in the bigger picture. Players are also able to create their own ecosystems and experiment by adjusting the amounts of producers, consumers, and such.

Bright Ideas for E-Learning Design

Session by Michele Eaton

This informational session gave attendees actionable steps to improving the design and look of e-learning materials such as presentations and lesson slides. There were many great tips, and she even shared her own "wallet" of useful links:

All in all, her main tip is: "When it comes to design, fonts, colors, etc. Less is more."

ISTE 2018 Game Night

ISTE Games & Simulations Network

We had a blast serving with the ISTE Games & Simulations Network. This day-end event brought over 125 teachers and students together to share their love for games. We played a variety of board games (like Settlers of Catan) and digital computer games such as Fortnite!

We even had some students come in and play it on the big screen— They were looking pretty eSports-ready.

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