3 Ways to Use Boddle for Summer Learning

3 Ways to Use Boddle for Summer Learning


With Boddle, teachers, parents, and students have access to our engaging platform and support team— fun learning can happen anywhere! This summer break we are offering Boddle at no cost to help your kiddos prevent/conquer summer learning loss. We are also speeding up our expansion of educational videos to enrich learning experiences.


3 ways to use Boddle for remote summer learning

Educators (teachers and parents), below you'll find three ways to use Boddle as an effective online learning tool to supplement summer lessons/activities and give kids a fun way to learn (feel free to forward this to teachers and parents in your network).

1. Assignments & Targeted Practice

Boddle is fully-adaptive, self-paced, and tailors practice items and activities to the right level for each individual student.

However, there are often instances where an educator would like to assign specific math skills and/or topics to students.

You can assign specific math skills to students using Boddle's Assignment Tool for:

  • Targeted practice
  • Exit tickets
  • Unit assessments, and
  • Quizzes as assignments

All of Boddle's assignments can be customized by the number of questions or by a specific amount of time. Timed assignments help emulate timed assessments that take place in the classroom.

When assignments are complete, they will show up fully graded for educators with detailed reports on student responses down to each individual question.

Click on the video below to see how an assignment is created:


2. Identify & Address Gaps Remotely — Learning Gaps Report

Most (if not all) adaptive and personalized learning products in the market lack the 1-on-1 facilitation and instruction that teachers and parents provide when kids encounter a skill that they are struggling to tackle, or if they have gaps in learning.

Using Boddle's Learning Gaps report, educators can identify what skill students are struggling with, as well as which foundational skill is causing that gap in understanding, allowing them to quickly focus their time where it is needed most.

 Summer is a great time to reinforce and relearn foundational skills that students might have forgotten, and this tool will help you identify exactly what these skills are.

Click on the video below to see how the Learning Gaps report works:


3. Live Monitoring — Live Feed

One of the biggest challenges that educators face with remote/distance learning during the summer and regular school year is not knowing what their students are working on. It's usually a big enough challenge in the classroom with so many students to one teacher, and its only deepened in recent remote learning situation.

To help, Boddle comes with a Live Monitoring tool that shows you which students are online, what skill they're working on, their performance, and how long they've been working on each problem— which makes it perfect for tracking student progress.


Let Us Know How We Can Help

As always, our teacher/parent success team is just a click away. Click the icon on the bottom right of our website if you have any questions along the way.

We would also like to know: What additional resources can we build to support your remote learning needs?


Boddle is available on web browsers and the Boddle app will be available on iOS and Android soon!


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